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Elliot Yomtov

Israel At 50 Years Revival

I was there when you, a dream so distant
An old narrative, a wish of a people so ancient.
You were defunct yet alive in their mind every instant,
Fanned and revived by lives so enormously patient. Two thousand years, turbulent and mostly tragic,
Generation follows generation prayed, sighted and wept
For the mention of your holy past splendor and magic
And your love in their heart jealously kept. At last a bright star by the name of Herzel appeared
And adding deeds to yearning he neared
The era of rebirth and redemption
Pleading his case and calling attention. Then that great lion, named Ben Gurion hard on his heels
Decided to assemble the coach and lube the wheels
Enlisting all for the long and tough survival right
Till the dawn arrived and shed a bright light. Let us not turn our back s to a great enterprise
Nor lessen the grip and be subject to surprise
Too many were the sinister events to count
Too many were the obstacles in our way surmount. Alas! the struggle as yet is far from over
But the might of Israel is still there and will over,
Will cling to thy rocks no matter who is the rival
Until they clear the field for a true peace and revival! Hurrah! Israel reached her fifty, we pray & hope for peace
With all her neighbors, enough wars, hate and destructions

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