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Elisabeth Karlberg

A Wind Of Silence Is A Wind Of Violence

The wind of silence has become a wind of violence
Guns for war, guns for ones own protection
For some satisfaction, for others lack of affection
Children playing Russian roulette with their feet
Its not even safe anymore walking in the streets
The wind of silence is a wind of violence
Our future will be a reflection
Of our own segregation of the old generation
Lonely hearts lost in desperation
Not one or two, but a whole civilization
The wind of silence has become a wind of violence
The present, the future or the past. What would you choose?
Or shall I say: What have we to lose?
If we want our children to be happy and proud,
Then we have to shout and shout out loud:
Mouth to mouth, throw the dice
But hurry and don't think twice
It's only your voice you have to sacrifice
There is a wind of violence
Let's blow away the wind of silence

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