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Elina Fields

It's Kind of Funny

It's kind of funny how those who want life get it taken away,
while those who loathe it wander around.
Almost as if a waste.

It's kind of funny how those who try to do right get it spit back in their face.
The bad walk among us as if to be common people.
They, they get your respect.

It's kind of funny the people you love, they're usually the fall of you.
They say they're there for you but always somehow make you feel worthless.

It's kind of funny how everything can end so fast.
Everything can just disappear.

It's kind of funny how I wish I never met you.
I wish I could tell you.
I wish we could be.
And I wish that everything wasn't so funny and that everything could be what it is.

It's kind of funny how me and you,

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