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Elena Văcărescu

I wish you knew those days.... [ De-ai şti acele zile...]

I wish you knew the sorrow of those long days of yore
When eagerly I waited, but now they are no more!
The overwhelming tension and all the hours raids
My bitter recollections, the melancholic shades,
Let them recede in silence and their sad eyes to raise,
And after that to close them. If only knew those days,
O, child, who smile so nicely, you'd mourn me, I suppose,
And at my open window, where creeps a green dog-rose,
You'd let these words of wisdom to roll off your sweet tongue:
“You have endured great hardships, although you are still young!”

poem by Elena Văcărescu, translated by Octavian CocoşReport problemRelated quotes
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Elena Văcărescu
Elena Văcărescu