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Edith Soffia

Please mom, please stop.

Please mom, please stop.
Don't scream, Don't scream so much.
I don't know what I did to deserve this,
Please mom, please stop.
I love you mom, I do.
I thought you knew, you said you do too.
You said you would stop mom,
You broke my heart again,
I wish you could see,
See the pain you put on me.
I feel so weak,
Please lay with me.
You said you wouldn't drink again,
Mom, you promised only to tell the truth.
How could I be so stupid,
I knew, I knew what you were going to put me through.
All I want to say is I love you mom, I do love you.
I hope you wont get angry anymore,
Because I will be watching you from heaven above.

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