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David Robicheaux

Oh I Hate

It sucks how i can still luv u
after all that we been through
through the pain and the joy too
I hate that I still love you
I hate that i still think of you when around other women
I hate that my skin hasnt felt the same without your touch
I hate that my lips refuses to kiss another
I hate my dreams because you visit every night
I hate your smile because it makes me smile
above all I hate those eyes
I hate those eyes cause they say I love you when your
mouth doesn't
I hate those eyes because they see right through me
I hate those eyes for every wink, for every flutter
I hate those eyes for the pain and the love
I can't help it, I'm a hopeless romantic
I'm so tired of fantasy and senseless imagination
I hate myself for craving you, wanting you, loving you still
This is the cost I pay, my bill
The curse of the romantic fantasy, my real

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