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Dann Thomas

Where else - India

The Guju, The Bihari, The Rajasthani
The Dubai just returned Malayalee
The Madrasi, The Bengalee, The Punjabi.
For instant beauty - a pack of ‘fair & lovely’

Where else does the sun rise on so many different faces?
Where is there unity in so many races?

The banker, the potter, the astrologer, the techie
The teacher, the baker, the beggar, a doctor in Reiki.
The Colonel, the smuggler the executive in the mall
Pay hike, CTC, 'Increment' the biggest problem of them all

The extravagantly rich, the not so, to the penniless poor.
Live together in diversity, beauty and want of more

Samosa, Avial, Bhel Phuri, Chutney
Chicken Biriyani, Kabab, Limited Meals Ready
Payasam, Jamun, Jangiree, hot hot Jalebbi,
Diabetic ice cream 100 % sugar free

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