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Dani Marie Johnson

Princesses in need of Prozac

Cinderella's still sweeping the floors,
Snow White is still ducking under those dwarf's doors,
Auroa still spends her days asleep
And Jasmine well she's got her own problems.

The Genie and her father always play poker,
Her hubby Aladdin had become quite the toker.

They get together once a week,
True answers and a good stiff drink they seek.

'Hey Snow, ' Cindy says 'What were we thinking? '
'I don't know about you but I'm having too much fun drinking.'
Then off to the floor she fell.

'We were young' Auroa exclaimed
'Being asleep was my claim to fame,
What was your excuse, a lost slipper? '

This week was different, not the usual rude bristles

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