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Dan Hall

Beautiful whole

Behind the dark cover of our cynical words
That we use to admonish character with the swiftness of a trained blade
A hidden river of unbridled passion flows
The space between has been the battleground of love
Afraid to show weakness but longing to bear scars openly
Twisted in this delicate encounter
With a sincere touch I reach out again
Poised to break the pattern of this senseless fight
Floods of anxiety and fear make there final decent
Sweetness returns to softly caress my unassuming face
Language fails to express the depth of the epic enlightenment experienced
The void of apprehension becomes the space of fulfillment
Sincere eyes confirm my deepest desire
The blanket of angst is lifted to reveal an enchanted scene
Free of the gravity that fought to pull apart the fibers of tenderness
We float along a stream of understanding, lacking expectations
Content with the flaws that exist in our beautiful whole

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