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Damian olatunde Ogedengbe

Ogedengbe agbogungboro

1.A fearless warrior of great charisma,
men want to be him and women his lovers,
his bravery; an unsolved enigma,
a warrior that attacks better than a tiger,
his vision of d future brought succour
and hope to the villagers.

2.He cheated death in a miraculous way,
though death was filled with dismay
what could possibly kill him
if the beheading did not send him off to his grave,
Alas! all hope was lost for his attackers
where was hope? ...hope was in an antique cave.

3.A saviour for the ijeshas,
as the oracle had predicted,
hope it brought to the ijeshas,
a news that alleviates fear indeed from ifa.

4.Hope is that thing with feathers,

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