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D.E. Navarro

Kingdom of One

This exploitative supersizer stands
In the fires of envious aggrandizing
Stoking self-centric delusional grandeur
With the gasses of his invented felicity.
He throws his simple poison darts at
Us who deal with his ostentatious predilection
For aggravated agitation's precocious desire.

He blows his inflatable stories up with hot air,
Expanding to epic proportions
The vacant cavity of his hollow reality
Above all we could ever dream of
Or ever hope to be for he is better than we,
And we are nothing more than weeds
To be scythed with the blade of his tongue.

He gloats and drives us to derision
With the tasteless virtuosity of his eminence
In his ultra-phantasmal kingdom of one,
Where he reigns and reigns supreme

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