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Cynthia Fino

Lust for Love

This is a message to all the guys
Who need to get a clue and realize
Theirs a four letter word that starts with the letter “L”
That all guys know really well
And it’s called lust
Going after slutty girls This goes out to all the guys
even though her looks will soon rust
And lust is not love
You all know what I’m speaking of
And you know what the saddest part?
Guys think with their d**k not their heart
Choose the girl that will love you forever and be faithful
Guys don’t get mad I’m just trying to be helpful
Don’t go for the over the top flirt
That’s in high heels and a mini skirt
Go for the one that’s always there for you
Her love will always be true
I feel like my head is going to combust
Please take my word and trust
Finally to sum this all up cuz explaining this I’m tired of

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