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Crystal Pongi

If Children Ruled The World

If Children Ruled The World,
Parents, Adults and Teachers will go to bed at 8: 00
and wake up at 7: 00 to dress up for school.
At school children will treat them like nothing,
and Parents, Adults and Teachers will have nothing to do or say.
In the morning at school, they would have to line up like chrildrens used to do like every single mornings.

If Children Ruled The World,
Lollies will be for everyone even adults and parents.
Parents and Adults will have such awful rotten teeth just like all children used to have in their teeths.
Every mornings right after adults brushes their teeths or hairs, the children would have to check if their hairs and teeths are alright.
In School Trips children goes for free but the adults has to always pay.

If Children Ruled The World,
the world wou; d be treated badly.
The children would be rich and adults would be poor and always ask for children for some money.
There will be no clean water,
No food for the adults to eat except lollies.

If Children Ruled The World,

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