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Courtney Mayer

Funny Chrismas!

Funny Christmas, thats what I'm s'posed to be writing about here?
Well, I don't really know what to write about that will make it funny.
What is funny about Christmas?

Santa is just a big ol' fat jolly man who just sits around eating cooking and drinking milk all year. Whats funny about that?
The reindeer are just deer who can supposedly fly. I don't get it.
What is funny about Christmas?

Is it the fact that we are s'posed to act happy and pretend we're having fun when we're really not?
I don't really get it can you explain it to me please?
What is funny about Christmas?

I don't really even believe in the whole 'Christmas celebration' thing.
I don't understand why people think that its funny either. Can you tell me?
What is funny about Christmas?

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