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Cortez Mccall

Body of Lies

my country tizz
of the sweet land
of mizzory...
america I want
to love you but
you keep me in
shock you tell me
to trust you but yet
you rob me blind..
America you tell me go on
son make something of
your self you say that its
good to go back to school
to take out loans and to check on grants.well
I whent back to school
but when I graduated I stood in awe reality sunk in
were is the job I went to school for.America! why would you send it over seas.. America you tell me
uncle Sam wants you! you do good to tell me of all the money I can have and all the places I can go you tell me I can have it all oh America! Brain washed you made me to be I signed my name in blood on the dotted line then my freedome was striped from me you tell me ill gain the whole world.
America you failed to tell me that's if I make it Back!

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