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Complicated Simply

The Old Woman and Today

She awoke early with a pep today
A glimmer in her eye and strong step today
She thought of a menu that would bring a smile today
as she thought of her husband so lovingly today
She cracked the eggs and placed them in the pan today
Se buttered his toast and peeled his fruit today
She poured his glass so full today
She placed the flowers n her favorite vase today

She slowly sat down at the table today
the realization hit her like a cement truck today
She lowered her eyes as she thought of the day
You see, the old man had long been dead by today

The disease of old persons made her forget today
Made her cook breakfast for three today
When I entered the room, I asked her sadly, 'What's wrong today? '
She said, 'I'll greive just the same as I did that day
because my soulmate just died again today.'

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