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Collin Hagan

No time to chase the wind

My life had started, as i feel my life will end
with twists, and turns, curves, and a bend
I used to race the wind, and fight the storms
an endless game, between me, and shaded forms
i would try and try, but always fail
i was determined to win, i was just behind, i had it by the tail
i was to beat the wind i swore it so
at any costs i would win, i had a lifetime to go
But i was only a child, and i neglected to see
that as i grew older, the wind eluded me
there's no time for chasing the wind, to much work you see
the wind had won again, how could this be
i spent all my life, running, and running, so far away
never would i stop, there was no time to stay
theres no time for chasing the wind anymore
my joints are old and sore
my days are numbered, i bow down to thee
i give in to you, i have lost all strength, i'm stiff as a tree
my limbs have grown tired, my lungs out of air
i'v run for so long, i haven't a care

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