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Christopher Parcels

The Farewell Sestina

It was Walter Cronkite, wasn't it, who said,
'And that's the way it is, ' at the end of the show,
safe in the knowledge he had done his job well
and standing by for all the other things
that needed to be done at close of day-
how utterly unlike the way I am.

The time has come to wonder who I am;
it is time to say what has not yet been said.
When the skulking shade of graduation day
comes to end this last picture show,
I will relfect on all the many things
I've done; I hope I'll find I did them well.

There were times I overslept and felt unwell
(blame the reckless partier I am) .
And I remember saying all those hateful things
which now I wish that I had never said;
and my utter inability to show
some inner sunshine through my cloudy day.

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