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Chris Y

Stages Of Life

There’s always a present and always a past.
But when you go to the future, it will seem so fast
That you’ve grown out of preschool and went to Harvard.
But you played on their football team; you can’t be called a nerd.
Once you look through the past, you feel so big
Compared to ten years ago, you can’t just dig
A hole into the ground to bury your memories.
You just waste your time, but burn a few calories.
So you mind as well go pick a rose
But don’t waste your time, here it goes!

At four years old you’re already in preschool
And you’re at the top of your class, that’s pretty cool.
So you feel that anything can be done
Except making Brittney’s hair grow back, that’s just wrong
Once you graduate and now you’re in kindergarten,
You probably won’t dream of becoming a barten-der.
Now it’s first grade, you finally get a test
To see how smart you are, to see if you’re the best
So you get into AP math, you’re really smart

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