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Chris Spurrell

I wish I wish

I wish I was a bird flying high in the sky
Swooping and soaring way up high
Up and down mountains all on my own
Then back to my nest where I've made my home
I wish I could be the wind that blows
Where does it come from nobody knows
You would not see me as I travel around
You would only hear my whistling sound
I wish I was a wave in the deep blue sea
I'd travel around the world for free
Lapping at the shoreline
And splashing someone's knees
I wish I was a star up in the evening sky
Looking down on everyone as they passed by
I'd twinkle so bright all through the night
But when morning comes I'll vanish from sight
But I wish I wish can never be
It's only a dream for I am me
But now and again wishes do come true
Not very many but maybe a few.

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