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Chelsea Varvaro

Ocean of Maddness

Oblivious to the thoughts of others around me
I swim in an ocean all my own
Full of despair and human desecration
Poisoned by youth’s apathetic interventions
Pouring out like venomous filth
Stifling all that swim too closely
Dangerous as it may be, this stagnant wasteland has its certain aesthetic value
Its blatant horridness is beautiful
To the trained eye and all knowing the eyes of a master artist
It is beautiful and grotesque in the same instant
Which is quite hard to do and is something wondrous to behold
Born to know nothing of this value are the population called “The Masses”
They simply discard this ocean of hatred, anger, misery and depression
As something that should be avoided at all cost
But this stunning ocean should be admired with the an open mind
Because its beauty is more than skin deep and can easily be missed
Immaculate and magnificently formed- this ocean is my home for now
Surrounded by its glorious waves I may never leave
I shall not live another day without it
That is, unless someone can teach me how to swim….

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