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Charnjit Patialvi

Teachers Day.

Every heart that beats,
Year after year it repeats,
We sing in the praise of God,
For giving us the opportunity to take birth,
The most pious land on Earth.
Here we had a great saint,
of education to deal,
Who lived a true teacher’s ideals,
Simple and humble, down-to Earth was he,
Made it to the helms of a Nation,
So synonymous to education,
He is demi-god to us.
Will remain for as long as India lives.
From grasslands and dusty lanes in country side,
Walking to the temple of Power, His Excellency
Made the mark, the aspirations we nourish within,
Can get its realities come true, a real epitome of Knowledge,
flame of learning within still burning and guiding the nation out of storms.
Shattering the clouds of uncertainty, spreading light and hope,
We regard him, in our hearts, still a great teacher today.

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