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Charles Mair

Sir Isaac Brock to his Soldiers

Ye men of Canada !
Subjects with me of that Imperial Power
Whose liberties are are marching round the earth :
I need not urge you now to follow me,
Though what befalls will try your stubborn faith
In the fierce fire and crucible of war.
I need not urge you, you have heard the voice
Of loyalty, and answered to its call.
Who has not read the insults of the foe —
The manifesto of his purposed crimes I
That foe, whose poison-paint, false liberty,
Runs o'er his body politic and kills
Whilst seeming to adorn it, fronts us now !
Threats our poor Province to annihilate,
And should we find the red men by our side —
Poor injured souls, who but defend their own —
Calls back Extermination from its hell,
To stalk abroad, and stench your land with slaughter.
These are our weighty arguments of war,
Wherein armed Justice will enclasp its sword,

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