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Catherine Novick

A Lovely Story

Spring irises and french lilacs bloom in large fields.
Orchid roses rise in hearts out of my mind when I think of love.

My purple heart finds great joy in all things purple.
The sunset glows brightly like a persian carpet.

It seems as if through my eyes, everything is lavender and purple.
As the sky is the color of plum, tiny elves, all the color of aqua, creep through the forest of flowers.

They tiptoe and crawl through the eerie, silver moonlight, while seeds soar between them like birds.
Madam Morocco snuggles in her bed while her velveteen rabbit in her warm hug cuddles beside her.

The rabbit purrs and admires his lace nightgown.
Maids scurry through enormous halls to serve their mistress.

They blow their horns to scare away wolves.
They watch the beautiful sunset glow as their mistress lets them rest.

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