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Callum Byrne

This Blacktop Romance

Oh no,
I've gotta tell you how I feel right now,
Kept it bottled up for so long,
Gotta tell you before I go insane,
Can't go to my room and cry now!
You're right infront of me staring into my eyes,
I'm gazing back cos I don't know what to say

I just can't say it to you,
I need to get this shit off my chest,
All I need to say is 'I love you' and thats done,
But it's all puppy love in this blacktop romance

Oh no,
I've just gotta tell you but I acn't,
You'll only say no so what's the point?
I'll cry with the geeks and dive into darkness,
Where the vampires can't hurt us,
I'll build your crypt where we can stay,
Together forever in each others arms

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