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Bob House

Too Cool for School

This poem is inspired by my teenage daughter's current attitudes to her studying. Parents, you've heard it all before!

Don’t want to stand out and look absurd
That’s only for a geek or a nerd
I wanna look cool and not a jerk
There’s loads of time left in life to work
Study? You’re joking. I’d look a fool
Can’t you see I’m too cool for school!

Leave me alone, stop crowding my space
Yeah, whatever, now get outta my face
Don’t need you, find someone else to advise
All you ever do is criticize
My marks aren’t that bad, I’m off to the pool
Don’t you know I’m too cool for school

Maths, languages, science, I don’t get it
I’d rather watch some of the guys that are fit
Or go out shopping or just stay in bed
I’m a teenager, not halfway dead!

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