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Bharat Kavi

Solitude lacks attitude...

'Solitude', I had learnt to love and cherish,
When love walked in and quenched my wish,
I let love have it's way, in every possible way,
Solitude I hated you, with each passing day...

My heart bleeds now, and I am yearning to know,
Why does love walk in with firm plans to go,
Why does love treat me like some unfinished art,
A few strokes of it's brush and my broken heart...

Why does love wear, that sadistic smile,
While I hold on with hope, all the while,
Why does love storm in to sweep me away,
But like the autumn breeze is never there to stay...

Is love a curse or is love a blessing,
Is love an illusion, which keeps me guessing,
'Love', I sense, is a mystery gift,
With an option to stay or to drift...

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