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Bernadette Bridges

I Loved A Man that Loved to Fish

I loved a man that loved to fish.
He’d go down to the waters and cast his rod like a penny for a wish.

What he thought, whatever what- if he played, I’d love to know
For when he was away fishing his face was a glow.

Wishing away he’d sit all day and night,
Wading his patience against the twilight.

Patience was his tool
He’d tire his fish like the destructive heart of a fool.

With a gentle cast, not too high or low, his shinny fly would lure
Then his fish would run and he’d ignore.

After it was caught he’d throw it back for another man’s game
Or catch it again tomorrow, they were all the same.

I loved a man that loved to fish
And in his shadow I ran waiting to be his wish.

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