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Asim Kumar Paul

Her Love For A Pet Lioness

She loves of act in strangeness, in imagination,
She boils herself to be a connoisseur of an animal life,
And asked her husband, “I want have a pet lioness.”
Her husband, being puzzled with her thronging zeal,
Questioned her, “Better I can purchase a dog for you,
And dog is more comfortable for taking care of as pet.”

She does not pay heed to her husband’s requests,
And on more wondrous way, defends her necessity,
Expressing more plethora for love of a pet lioness,
That she wants to hold her cause to establish that
She wants to draw something new in wilderness,
That has a replication on the lioness manifestoes,
And she says to him, she cannot sit in a bathtub
In cool condition to be pretty one for the emancipation
And as she has suitable money in her bank account,
That is financed by her husband’s income,
She has only the consent of the husband to fulfill the idea.

Her husband being vexed with such a taste of life,

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