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Ashutosh Mohapatra


Once I rode an elephant of the ilk of horses but slower than snails;
I traveled around the world through the mountains, roads and rails,
It took me to the sorcerous country with fairies and flower hails;
To the good and generous peoples who care and felicity prevails;
They received and fed me and my elephant without any assails;
For all I found this new magical land had nothing but sweat of travails.

For the next morning I never wished but surprised to see
Snow White, Ice Princess, Cinderella, Jasmine and Alice;
I saw many fortresses, castles, jungles and the talking bee,
I never felt so magical and happy that I wanted time to cease,
Children of all color and young ones of all animals all were surprise;
I was entertained and celebrated with the most beautiful emcee.

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