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Ashley Silvestre

Music is my life.

Music souths my soul. Music takes me away.
It zones me out to another place.
It takes me to another world, far from reality.
It takes me far away from where i need to be.
Music calms me down. It changes how i feel.
It makes me forget and helps my heart heal.
Im married to music. By my side it will stay.
Follows me where ever i go. Night -N- Day.
The one i give my heart to, it'll always be here.
The thought of letting me down. No theres no fear.
Music is the beautiful sounds that flows through my ears.
ill be committed to it for years and years.
Music flows through my body. My urges start to ring.
The tipe of urges that makes me start to sing.
Music is my addiction. I feen for it.
I need no help to be cured for it.
Music is the air that i breath.
Music is the strength you find in me.
It will always be my number 1 Love till the day i die.
I put music above all.

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