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Ashley Guess

Jeff stibe

His hug feels like a warm summer day,
His smile brighteneds up every ones day,
As if the sun could,
On a summer morning i wake up to hear him singing,
As if a bird would on a warm summer morning,
The times we laughed together,
are the memories I try so hard to keep alive,
I sit outside to feel the wind run past my ears,
As if you are trying to talk to me,
My emotions tiptoe in,
I feel a tear trickle down the side of my face,
As if the summer day is turning grey,
It was your time to move on,
And for the season of summer the time has come too,
Knowing that your gone makes me week inside,
I know now that life is too short,
But i will see you in time,
In my place between where the angels fly and and the world that i live in

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