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Asad Jalib

I Am From

I am from snow covered driveways and gravel filled roads
From gold plated watches and Mecca jeans lined a row
I am from Benz to Acura and Lexus too
From geese in the sky, a sky filled of blue
I am from mouth watering garlic bread and cheerios
From the land where on a warm night, a cool wind blows
I am from soccer balls and badminton rackets
From a land of sweaters and winter jackets
I am from cool sunny mornings and dark chilly nights
From early rising and crazy snowball fights
I am from stop signs and children crossings
From online gaming and internet browsing
I am from ball hockey on the street and ice hockey on t.v.’s
From ice cream cones, and also freezies
I am from Fifa 2011 and Halo Reach
From the sand in my toes in Wasaga beach
I am from spring and summer, once winter has gone
From Black Ops with Nyron and Nihan
I am from “Clean your room” and Air Cadets
What else do you want, this is as good as it gets!

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