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Anthony Opondo

Mama's cry

child, please dont cry when we fail 2 try.
Child, smile with me even when a mile we walk through troubles.
Child, brace me with your love and forever you live by his grace.
Child, i know not of tomorrow but walk with me.

Walk me with and lets make this talk a reality,
a vision seen by the mind and a mission won win the heart.
Your tears, your fears when we crawl-
despair not and walk with me.

Mama! The call of every son and daughter of man.
Every dawn and dusk,
a picture of uncertainity draws on the child's faces.
In my own motherland, their stomach shed hopeless tears of hunger.
They crave for what many put to waste as their tongues fail to taste and they retire to their graves.
Child, just walk with me.

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