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Anna Leonora Cassandra Landero

A loving teacher

A teacher is a well known second mother to all her students
She teach us 1,2,3, and A, B, C,
She tells us good stories which our imaginations
Wonders about it, that it is like we float in the air
Every snack time we eat and share are snacks together
Which everyone likes her the way she is...
Everyone smiles and care for her the way she cares for us
At the very first we think she is like monster
But at the and she is more than a good, kind, loving and beautiful fairy
We all don't want that this will come to an end
That is when graduation comes
Well don't you think we wont cry for joy
Our tears would dropp like a shimmering shining diamond
It glitters on our face and makes us shine like it]
Who wouldn't think that we won't miss the days we have
So merrily and so happily...

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