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Anna Hardin

Morning Sunlight

The sunlight hits down on the dew of the grass.
The farm animals walk past,
I turn to my horse.
This animal is the best love source.
I look towards the sun,
A new day has begun.
The pinkish-orange sky is beautiful.
The chilly breeze is suitable.
It won't be long until it gets warm.
I look off into the distance to see around the fresh hay, an animal swarm.
I couldn't blame them, I'd be hungry, too.
Laying in that barn all night in the cold with nothing to do.
I slip into my cowboy boots and throw on my cowgirl hat,
soon, roams by, the old, fat, cat.
That cat is so old, he's older than me.
He probably can't even see.
I lead my horse out to the pasture.
I remember what it was like here last year.
Not even a single horse let-lone a pony.
Now its filled with grazer, even an animal full of balony.

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