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Angelica Boyce

Live Life Right (song)

These days just keep goin' by
It seems like I'm loosein' my life
The whole world is flyin' by me as i stand still
I start walkin' slowly as it passes before my eyes
Am i loosing my life
Or am i the only one takein' my time

Everyone seems to be in a hurry
Why can't we all slow down and take a break
Set aside all our problems in life
Just raise up your glasses and live your life right

Why are young people in such a hurry to grow old
While the old people wish they were young once again
Why do we wish for things that will never come true
And chase silly dreams the you know aren't for you
All these silly dreams and wishes are just a waste of time
Why spend your life chasing the horizon when you could be haveing fun

Everyone seems to be in a hurry

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