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Angelic Might

No Room For Me

trying to fit in has wore me out
if i can't do anything for you, what's there to talk about?
inconspicuous to your naked eye
i'm yelled at if i'm wrong, but ignored if i'm right
left to always fend for myself
scratches left on my skin
from trying to constantly fit in
reminds me of the 'Fat Man Squeeze'
At a local park I went to when I was 13
I could not fit through no matter what
and like you, that challenge told me to kiss it's butt
tried to show that i'm a good friend
who would be there for you through thick and thin
but obviously for me, there is no room
i've put all of my eggs in a basket too soon
even if I became a lot more thin
I still wouldn't be able to fit in
Exchanges of texts
Like the game of ping pong
Dealing with me is like whacking a golf ball and telling it 'so long'

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