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Andrew Reeves

Humble In Tumble

This television got me feeling kind of egotistical
my age got me seeing kind of cynical
Myu honesty got me trapped in being physical
Not to say that this is biblical
but I hope it brightens pivotal
Proof that I am not completely spiritual
is not found it the fact that this is lyrical
keep me humble in my tumple when you hear my belly grumble
I pray i stay without myself
i want the thing I knew I felt
held liable everytime i yell
need a verse to ring a bell
Just looking for a story to tell
Keep me humble in my tumble when you hear my belly grumble
Dont let me cause you to stumble
Know theres something more
Know its not your store
love the life you live
Embrace the thought you give
But know its all a gift

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