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Andrew Lunel

The Father's Son

As he opens his eyes; its like the sunrise,
The cool water on his dimpled and parched face;
Is the welcome rain in a land of drought,
His hands runs through his un-kept hair;
Like a farmer ploughs his field,
For he returns to a world, where many battles are fought.

A mind as vast as the universe,
Eyes that have the eternal spark in them,
The Father's son doth walk; an example to all.
With wisdom of a million wise men,
The gifted child comes to save us all,
Who in our ignorance are heading for the fall.

Action and words true as prophesied by mere men,
Made the envious victorious by sick methods,
Did put our Son on the two planks to die.
The son's death sad but glorious,
With his parting breath taking all our burden,
As the son's holy soul soared into the sky.

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