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Amanda Boucher

Otoya en Oslo

Heer, in afgryse luister ons na ‘n verhaal van haat
‘n Verhaal wat ons verbuisterd laat
Hoe kan mens hierdie dade in woorde omsit?
Heer, ‘n hele nasie staan in pyn en smart
Die letters van swart op die wit papier kan nooit die pyn uitdruk
En ‘n groot gat is saam met gebou se mure uit ons hart geruk
En elke lyk van elke kind op daardie eiland voel soos ons eie
Die verlies wat ‘n ouer voel sal nooit beksryf kan word
Heer, Heer, ons uitroepe van smart en seer is so oorverdowend soos die bom
Heer, Heer, ons gevoelens lê soos die bakstene verstrooid
‘n Ramp uit ‘n mens se hand?
Heer, die vrae oor die toekoms van elkeen in daardie land
Heer, U alleen sal kan berusting bring, want troos is nie moontlik
Heer, U alleen sal kan oordeel oor so ‘n daad
Heer, vergelding is al waaraan mens kan dink
En tog sal dit ons plaas waar hy staan
Vergelding sal ons plaas in die hand van die duiwel
Heer, ons bid vir hierdie mense dat U hul sal beskerm

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The Dog Whisperer

Before you I was very scared of dogs
Every time I approached a dog it feels like he would attack me
Even if the owner says that his dog has never bite anyone I’m the first one he does
But since I watched your shows I feel more confident
Even in my personal life a understand the power of which I have inside
Thanks for sharing this important lesson with us
Thank for teaching us how to treat life and animal
Somewhere very deep in us all we are also kind of animal
I’m sure there are a lot of people who will agree with me on this
I feel empty inside if one program is missed
May the Lord protect you from all evil
May He walk with you and keep you save
May His presence give you strength and laughter
May the Lord protect your family and all around you
Dear Lord please answer his prayers to You
You know him by heart and everything about him
You know the things he could not say out load
You know the path he is on
Dear Lord protect this man and his family
Every one of us has a purpose on this earth

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