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Allesia Bridle

Lost Friend

This can’t be the end it can’t be through
I loved you like a sister and now I’m feeling blue
Did this all stop when we realised we were too old for games
Or did it stop when we realised we were already tamed
Deep inside I cry for your friendship
I valued its warmth
It was better than a gift it was even better then chocolate
As you made me smile more than any of them did
The conversations we use to have would always leave as in tears of laughter
But now they have just stopped
And slowly since our friendship has slipped away
I noticed it wasn’t just our friendship,
I was slowly slipping away too
The laughter went out of me I started to look sad
I don’t want this to end bad
I would trade all the gifts, all the chocolate, and even the world
Just to hear u say
Them two little words
To make me feel complete
All I want to be is best friends all over again

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