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Alice Lani

Is it really worth it?

Have you ever thought about giving up your life?
About giving up because of pain and strife?
Please don't worry, please don't you cry.
The community here will help you go by.

You think nobody likes you, example your siblings!
You think that they hate you, and that you're annoying.
But deep down inside, they know that they love you.
And way deep inside you love them too.

Next example: That girl who bullies you alot?
That girl who think that she's 'so hot'.
But when you are gone, she'll say its her fault,
and you will be treasured and missed alot.

You are an amazing person, regardless your look.
You have given the world, and they have all took.
So please, oh please, end it right there.
Throw away the pills, without a care?

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