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Alice Berndt


I look at the stars, amazed
Amazed that something so beautiful, so big, so indescribable could exist
Exist and be so perfect and flawless,
It gives me faith,
Faith that maybe just maybe there really is something bigger to look forward to
Faith that maybe life has a deeper meaning,
That I have meaning,
I get carried away on these wings of faith,
Unable to explain the feeling of love I am consumed with,
My heart leaps at these visions of peace and serenity,
Unable to stay grounded by reality,
I realize,

Realize that there are little treasures all around us,
Pieces of hope and love,
Just open your eyes and see them,
Stop looking and see what is right in front of you,
Open your eyes and see that you are a treasure,
We are all treasures,
Each one of us like a star in the sky,

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