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Ali Kazemi

Let's Flood

Planned things not always happen, but happen things you had no plans for. And yet many things that lie ahead of you, you dont know. Our life is like that of a river; joins another river on its way to the ocean; ocean of death, eternity.

It trickles down and down and goes on. Now it's like two... stronger, steadier, and needless to say non-splittable... needless, because; have you ever seen a river divide in parts? They are one now... that is one.

Being one they maybe enjoyed more.... each had their choice of routes to venture... dependability was nil, indulgence could be high and sacrifices meant none....

But that's better this way. They, no, no they, it, it can be more aggressive now. It can tell the world how it wants it, not the world deciding it. It doesn't have to snake down, but will push over and will wash away the stubborn stones on its way to the ocean. Stones will be gentler to it now, will respect it. Bushes will respect it. Scrubs will respect it. Trees will respect. Rocks will respect it. They will respect it.

The ocean is clean
The ocean is pure
The ocean is immortality
The world will respect us

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