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Alexis pelt

What The World Has Come To Be(travon Martin)

This world is still segregated
Face the facts
We didn't get too far from when martin Luther king Jr. Was alive
Yes races are now working to gethar
But now there is not only still racism
There is now race on race crime
All these thoughts rush through my mind like a ton of brick
The old folks are telling us young folks what's wrong and right
And that we should not fight and kill one another
But it will not stick
And I'm sick of all this! ! !
Why do I always have to worry about getting shot?
If I'm just walking from the store caring a bag o skittles
And an Arizona drink
Why should I die because you think I look suspicious?
But you follow me and kill me because you feel threatened
What sense does that makes?
Can we just all love and look out for each other instead of killing one another?

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