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Akanksha Agarwal

My Enlivening Soul

Often in my mind’s eye
Pops up a blurred image
All smiles over such a serene countenance
But if one dares to peep inside
And observe more closely-
Is the person really so blissful?
Oh! The dark space is so grim
I get chilled…
Then why this show?
Sir, this is the person known to the world as “DAD”
And for me, he is my enlivening soul
Taking all the pains over himself
No dark shadow ever dares gloom over his family.
When we were young
We found in him a cool playmate
His shoulder was the highest place on earth…
Then a close friend…
And now, a mentor
Just to say…never let it end
Dearest Dad, just to say, you’re truly valued!

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