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Aditya Nittoor

Wino's Wisdom

The story of the old king and the sceptre of wine,
Like diamonds showing the way to the sky,
I try to tell the time by the hands of the clock tower,
But its too high oh so high.

Call the birds and whisper sweet nothings in their ear,
Someone please tell them morning is here,
We might have gone nuclear a few years ago,
This barren land must have hidden way down below.

They all made promises they couldn't keep,
This is why they say we sow what we reap,
It might actually be the other way around,
But karma says what goes around must come round.

This is the ballad of the old king and his sceptre of wine,
Pay heed all who hear these words of mine,
Its not what you do that takes you to eternity,
Don't follow the mad man as he rows his boat into the sea.

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