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Adam Pinheiro

Vox Silentii

In screaming silence, minds will shatter
And bleed dry the terror of a thousand hearts;
In silence our minds will lock, will warp—
Silence will scream a thousand secrets
That we’ve kept dry, desolate, distressed
For as long as I’ve friended the shade.

And in simple silence sometimes I hear
The words that escape her deepest stores
Of thought, lie, hurt, regret—A fear,
In darkness will scratch the walls raw
With the tear-streaked terror that slits,
Scours, tearing down fatality, facade.

The others—smooth, are rough in thought,
Never brought, silenced in tracks they tread,
Words ringing their piercing shrieks,
Reverberating respites, snuffing silence,
And shunting the ones who hear, but listen,
Who know that talking is unnecessary.

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