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Adam McGrath

Broken Guitar String

You told me today, I’m too rebellious for my own good
Now this Tennessee Whiskey, don’t taste as good as it should
You ran outside, and told the cold to ‘come right in’
Didn’t try to chase you, wouldn’t know where to begin

Got a pack of Camel’s, sittin’ in an ashtray
Guess I’ll go to Seven-Eleven, so I can pay
To waste my life, and slowly destroy my health
I never had any dreams, of ever having any wealth

Now crossing the street, I spot a couple walking hand in hand
A simple pleasure, I wish to one day understand
Rarely fall in love, now I’m thinkin’ maybe I should
Since you told me today, I’m too rebellious for my own good

Feeling as useless as a broken guitar string
And like a broken guitar string
Just a useless messed-up thing

I always feel this way, again and again

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